Tijmen Schep advises on
digital culture and the creative industries
and creates playful experiments
combining theory and practice

In a nutshell

Pineapplejazz is a Dutch networked studio lead by Tijmen Schep that offers consultancy and support on digital cultural projects. Examples of my work:

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Email: info@pineapplejazz.com


Pineapplejazz is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I work together with a nationwide network of specialists.

About Tijmen Schep

Picture by Sebastiaan Ter Burg, 2012

Tijmen holds an MA in both interactive media design from the HKU (graduating with an interactive urban screen) and new media theory from the University of Utrecht (graduating with distinction on a thesis that critically examined ubiquitous computing ideology). This duality of perspective allows for a nuanced view of the field of design and technology.

Tijmen is a founding member of the NetNiet.org foundation and SETUP, Utrecht's event-focussed medialab. He is also an editor at This Happened. Tijmen has tought on pervasive and locative design at the HvA and the WDKA schools, and regularly lectures and hosts workshops.