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Technology policy is a Dutch language website that lists "the best ideas from the humanities", the canonical sources and concepts, that any policy maker should ideally know about. It showcases books, articles, documentaries on topics ranging from the blockchain to philosophy.

The website was a spin-off from the Masterclass Netpolitics in which we played the role of event host.

It points to 'classic' and critical texts on a wide range of topics, ranging from AI to Ethics, Privacy to Programming, Blockchain to Black Box Society.


Deep optimism

The goal is to support the spread and development of "deep optimism". This is a type of thinking about technology that is different from Silicon Valley's more shallow "TEDx McOptimism" in that it accepts that all technologies come with trade-offs. The goal should be to explore and understand the potential downsides as quickly as possible, in order for technologies to be truly well integrated into society.

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Ethical innovation consultancy Pineapplejazz helps organisations gain deeper insight and critical foresight into new technologies and the questions they raise. We are a network of experts with backgrounds in law, philosophy, ethics, policy, technology, art and design. Together we paint bigger pictures that are nuanced and hype-free, which helps you invest your energy wisely.