Masterclass Ethical Innovation

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Masterclass Ethical Innovation

The field of ethical innovation is growing fast, as new laws and a growing public awareness is generating more demand. But where you do start? In this masterclass we offer you a primer, looking at the why, how and what of ethical innovation.

The masterclass can be tailored to your target audience. It's possible to focus more on hands-on design and concepting practices, or to dive into high-level mental models for long-term thinkers and decision makers. In either case we love to start with a widely accessible presentation on the 'why' of ethical innovation that will motivate even the staunchest skeptic.

A tailored experience
Design & Concept

What does the market look like now, and how can we enter it? In one day we explore the new companies, products, design tools and processes that are popping up in the field of ethical innovation.

Vision & Decision

How is the market for ethical innovation developing? I one day we explore strategies, mental models and global trends that can help you find opportunities while avoiding hype.

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Ethical innovation consultancy Pineapplejazz helps organisations gain deeper insight and critical foresight into new technologies and the questions they raise. We are a network of experts with backgrounds in law, philosophy, ethics, policy, technology, art and design. Together we paint bigger pictures that are nuanced and hype-free, which helps you invest your energy wisely.