Privacy Design Assesment

Privacy Design Assesment

Working on a new project or product? We can help you follow "privacy by design" principles. The new European privacy laws, such as the GDPR, require that products and services pro-actively safeguard users privacy.

  • We can take a closer look at your existing projects or services, and share actionable findings that will improve privacy for your users.
  • Working on a new project or product? We can help you analyse your first drafts and critically examine its viability. The best time to do privacy design is from the very beginning of a project.
Example themes
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Data diet

Does your business rely on collecting data about people? Is your service filled with third-party trackers? Then it's time to explore alternatives.

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Algorithmic accountability

Does your service make automated decisions about users which could impact their lives?

Cloud dependency

Keep computation close to the user, and avoid using the cloud by default. Going cloudless, now that's smart.

Analysis levels

We can analyse your service on a number of levels, ranging between:

A view from the users perspective
Quick assessment

We explore your website, researching its HTML and design decisions, and then offer our feedback on the most outwardly visible privacy and ethics issues. For example, we analyse the trackers you use and how this could affect your user.

Show me the data
In-depth analysis

With your help we go deeper into the current construction of your system or service and critically explore how it has been designed. We analyse the data you gather and the operational processes in place, and can also incorporate legal compliance questions. This analysis can be the starting point for a discussion about future directions and prospects for your project.

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