Singularity detox

Singularity Detox

One of the strongest myths that circulate in our society is that technological developments are inevitable. But if you look closer you'll find that this isn't the case, and never has been.

Claiming that technological development follows a universal law of nature is useful if you need to convince venture capitalists or dissuade regulators. But these 'teleological' narratives, while attractive, do not offer a suitable long term foundation for companies or institutions. Believing these stories can actually harm your company and your employees ability to deal with the harshness of reality once it catches up.

We can help you and your team understand the problems with these visions by creating more complex models of the interplay between society and technology today. By exploring the best 'health food' that the humanities have to offer, your team can develop a holistic, realistic and sustainable understanding of how innovation actually takes place.

The limits of Singularity thinking
Mono-causal modeling

The singularity is an expression of technological determinism, which is the idea that only technology drives the development of societies. This is a popular but extremist viewpoint. In reality, human influences and processes are highly influential in how technologies develop. By building on fields like sociology and 'media archeology' we help you and your team develop a more nuanced understanding of the interplay between societies and technologies.

Science fictions

The singularity is the idea that machines will be able to posses awareness when chips become complex enough. This relies on a gross simplification of both what we know and what we don't know about conciousness.

Wishfull thinking

Facts alone may not change minds, as singularity thinking shows many similarities to religious thinking. It is often tied to necessary dreams and understandable fears that are projected on the future. While knowledge from the humanities can point out the social and political context, it is also very important to explore the personal motivations and 'psycho-social drives' that make these narratives so irresistible.

The detox

In a hands-on workshop with real cases we examine how unrealistic these ideas are in practice by creating a short-circuit between the idealized notions and the harsh truth of reality.


We explain how these and similar myths function, doing a high level analysis of the psycho-social drives and cognitive biases that make this idea of 'exponential development' so mesmerizing.

A map to the stars

We help your organization create a map of its own ideologies, and then help it in taking action by rebuilding the belief that people are in control. If we see through the narratives, then we can write our own stories.

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