About us

We are hype proof

We are an Amsterdam based consultancy that supports ethical innovation and nuanced long-term thinking about new technology. 

Critical thinking helps us balance the drive for innovation with the needs and values of democratic societies.

We work for..

We work with policy makers and advisers from national and local government. Together we create bigger, sustainable visions to keep a firm grip on new technologies.

Business leaders

New regulation and the desire to protect customers' trust create new markets. Together we create products and services where 'smart' also means ethically aware.

Civil Society

We support regulators and civil society organizations that think long term, and want to understand both the possibilities and risks that technologies bring.

We believe that the best technologies are born when diverse fields of thought come together. We merge technical knowledge with sociological and philosophical insights to create bigger, more nuanced pictures of what new technologies can do. Technology is the product of people and their beliefs. We help you discover which beliefs your organization holds, and break those chains so you can innovate out of the box. We support your organization in taking action by rebuilding the belief that action is possible in the first place.

Technological Mythbusting

One of the strongest myths that circulate in is that technological developments are somehow inevitable. Many futurists will tell you that technological developments follow some laws of nature. This narrative limits our desire to steer or regulate technology, which creates a self-fulfilling prophesy.

We help you see through these narratives. We help your organization create a map of its own ideologies, and then help it in taking action by rebuilding the belief that action is possible in the first place.

Developing new markets

The stories that radiate from Silicon Valley are attractive visions of smart cities filled with engaged citizens. But these stories reflect American values.

Europe has to come into its own voice. Our stories should be about ethical technologies that balance and respect the values we hold dear. That's not just better for us, it will create new markets where European companies and organizations will have the advantage.