Technologies often have unexpected consequences. But a lot of these consequences can be anticipated by developing a more critical attitude. We help you expect the unexpected, and stay at the forefront of ethical innovation.

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As oil lead to global warming, data could lead to social cooling: we are increasingly changing our behavior to conform to measured ideals. In the long run these chilling effects could cool down society, making us less creative, less free and less human.

One of the strongest myths that circulate in our society is that technological developments are inevitable, and follow an 'expoential curve'. We can help you and your team understand the problems with these visions by creating more complex models of the interplay between society and technology. By exploring the best 'health food' that the humanities have to offer, your team can develop a holistic, realistic and sustainable understanding of how innovation actually takes place.

The best way to ensure privacy by design is to make sure your team feels internally motivated. The only way to get there is to really understand why privacy is important. In this program we offer presentations and workshops that don't just explain the fundamental value of privacy, they help you and your team really understand why privacy is a human right.

A lot of projects fail because expectations are unrealistically high. By bringing us into the early stages of concept development we can help your project fly by keeping your feet on the ground.

The new European data protection law, the GDPR, asks that all products and services that enter the EU market apply "privacy by design" principles.

But how does this work in practise? How do you create a privacy-friendly interface for your product? How do you limit your data ingestion? How do you create transparency for the user? These are questions that we, and the creative thinkers and designers in our network, love working on.

We can help you follow "privacy by design" principles. The new European privacy laws such as the GDPR require that products and services adhere pro-actively safeguard users privacy.

What technological developments are really on the horizon? What should you prepare for?

In these talks we do a wide dive into current developments around the latest technologies, and place them into actionable frames of reference.

Blockchain technology is very cool, but there are some serious downsides to using it. Make sure you are well informed of the risks before building one.

This level-headed talk dives into the opportunities but also the challenges, risks and threats that blockchains pose to accountability, privacy and the security of your system, your user data, and society at large.

Algorithmic accountability is a hot topic. More and more decisions about us are made by computer systems, even in sensitive areas like the justice system. These systems not only lack democratic oversight, they also make many mistakes.

This talk dives into the hidden world of power and algorithms, and how through a deeper understanding of the politics of algorithms we can avoid 'Mathwashing' and other accountability issues.

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Ethical innovation consultancy Pineapplejazz helps organisations gain deeper insight and critical foresight into new technologies and the questions they raise. We are a network of experts with backgrounds in law, philosophy, ethics, policy, technology, art and design. Together we paint bigger pictures that are nuanced and hype-free, which helps you invest your energy wisely.