Privacy policy does not collect any data. Period.

No lurking third party scripts. No cookies. Nothing.

Not even an aggregated visitor count.

If you'd your company or organization to also have such a cool, very short privacy policy, please get in touch.

In fact, the first time we will learn anything about your visit is if you email us.

Your email address is a piece of personal data, so through the GDPR you have the right to know if we have received your email. If you ask, and if we're legally allowed to do so, we will happily delete your email(s) from our mail server.

If you have interacted with any of our creations, and you would like to know if any personal data has been collected (probably not), we refer you to the privacy policies of those creations.




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Ethical innovation consultancy Pineapplejazz helps organisations gain deeper insight and critical foresight into new technologies and the questions they raise. We are a network of experts with backgrounds in law, philosophy, ethics, policy, technology, art and design. Together we paint bigger pictures that are nuanced and hype-free, which helps you invest your energy wisely.